Ondine Vermenot

Graphic Designer
+49 (0)1 522 269 10 831

I am a 21 years old designer currently living in France. I am open to any graphic collaborations and available for freelance work.

Experience :
2013 : Intern at Lambl/Homburger, Berlin (4 months)
2012 : Intern at Squat Design, New York (2 months)
2011 : Intern at AKA, Marseille (1 month)

Education :
2009-2013 : Master 1 at the School of visual communication ( ecv.fr )

Extras :
- Cool knowledge of html + css
- Basic knowledge of After effect + premiere + flash
  + javascript + php
- Digital publication (Ipad + Iphone)

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Anne Wiss    Antoine Enault    Florent Mazzochetti

Selected Project


Type : Editorial
Client : Student project
Direction : My name is Wendy

Part of a group workshop on time with My Name is Wendy. Editorial piece on the absence. The picture chosen is a serie from Sophie Calle. The explaining of the meaning of the picture is revealed little by little. We first see a text that describes the picture, but we can’t see the picture, then we see the picture, but without any explanation nor legend.Wwords are removed or he is hidden behind the photograph, only to be complete on the last page.