Ondine Vermenot

Graphic Designer
+33 (6) 89 71 88 57

I'm a graphic designer currently living in France. I am open to any graphic collaborations and available for freelance work.

Experience :
2013 : Freelance work for City&State NY, ipad application
2013 : Freelance work for Bourouina Gallery, web programming
2013 : Intern at Lambl/Homburger, Berlin (4 months)
2012 : Intern at Squat Design, New York (2 months)
2011 : Intern at AKA, Marseille (1 month)

Education :
2009-2014 : Master 2 at the School of visual communication

Extras :
- Cool knowledge of html + css
- Basic knowledge of After effect + premiere + flash
  + javascript + php
- Digital publication (Ipad + Iphone)

More links:
Tumblr    Behance    Photojournal    

Anne Wiss    Antoine Enault    Florent Mazzochetti

Selected Project

Fantastic Paper

Type : Art direction + Brand&product creation
Client : Fantasticpaper // Authentics
Direction : Florian Lambl & Birgitta Homburger

Work realised during my stay at Lambl/Homburger.
Working with the product designer Tillman Meyer.

We developed Fantasticpaper. We were involved in the brand design, the concept for the communication strategy, the branding, product design, stand design and the overall visual appearance and the conceptual direction. »FANTASTICPAPER by AUTHENTICS is an eco-friendly collection of modern, high-quality notebooks with swiss-binding, made in Germany and using finest Italian and Swedish Paper. Each collection comes in various formats and fashionable color combinations.«