Ondine Vermenot

Graphic Designer
+49 (0)1 522 269 10 831

I am a 21 years old designer currently living in France. I am open to any graphic collaborations and available for freelance work.

Experience :
2013 : Intern at Lambl/Homburger, Berlin (4 months)
2012 : Intern at Squat Design, New York (2 months)
2011 : Intern at AKA, Marseille (1 month)

Education :
2009-2013 : Master 1 at the School of visual communication ( ecv.fr )

Extras :
- Cool knowledge of html + css
- Basic knowledge of After effect + premiere + flash
  + javascript + php
- Digital publication (Ipad + Iphone)

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Anne Wiss    Antoine Enault    Florent Mazzochetti

Selected Project

Syrie, guerre médiatique

Type : Editorial
Client : Student project
Direction : Cheval Vert

Cheval Vert came to us the first day with the goal of making an almanach of 2013. We are surrounded by informations all the time, and everything is so temporary, it's rare if a subject stays on news fore more than 2 days. Everything is quickly forgotten.

What happenned in Syria over summer really marked me, mostly because the way it appeared on the news was so irregular, and suddenly, no one talked about it anymore. I also felt like there was this media war on who was the "bad" guys.

I chose to treat this subject by showing two sides of the story, what you see all the time in media, and scene of joy of people trying to live during this atrocity. The more you advance in the booklet, the more the pages are crowded and opressing, contrasting with the space in the black pages.