Ondine Vermenot

Graphic Designer
+33 (6) 89 71 88 57

I'm a graphic designer currently living in France. I am open to any graphic collaborations and available for freelance work.

Experience :
2013 : Freelance work for City&State NY, ipad application
2013 : Freelance work for Bourouina Gallery, web programming
2013 : Intern at Lambl/Homburger, Berlin (4 months)
2012 : Intern at Squat Design, New York (2 months)
2011 : Intern at AKA, Marseille (1 month)

Education :
2009-2014 : Master 2 at the School of visual communication

Extras :
- Cool knowledge of html + css
- Basic knowledge of After effect + premiere + flash
  + javascript + php
- Digital publication (Ipad + Iphone)

More links:
Tumblr    Behance    Photojournal    

Anne Wiss    Antoine Enault    Florent Mazzochetti

Selected Project

Tanks in Tate

Type : Identity
Client : Student project
Direction : Johan mossé

The construction of the extention results from the conversion of three large, circular, underground oil tanks originally used by the power station into accessible display spaces and facilities areas. They opened in July 2012 and are used to show live performance art and installations. Tate describes them as "the world’s first museum galleries permanently dedicated to live art".

To design the identity of the Tate Modern extention, that I named Tanks in Tate, I created a sans serif typeface and two alternates reminding of the asymetry of the the building, playing with lights and shapes. The two type of typeface allowed me to differenciate the public identity (posters, compliment card with a color that changes with every exhibit; here a salmon-pink) from the strict museum clients (stationery and the color blue).